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Dee Cee Dreams Vol. 3 is simply crawling with hands-on-action. There are two stories, both peppered with activity and surprises There are as many as 10 songs, and a total of 15 activities. The focus, however, remains unswervingly on the values, timeless and universal, yet retold with a delighful sense of fun. One story deals with something very close to the hearts of kids and parents alike -- Believing in oneself. It is a lovely story, with an enjoyable twist at the end. The other story offers a dramatic and telling lesson on the Dangers of false pride. As always, the characters are memorable, and the settings rich in music and non-stop activity. Random keyboard sounds perk up the experience for the restless user. Best of all, once you think you've seen it all, there's more, thanks to the unique design elements which make for hours and hours of repeat play.

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