15 Exciting Activities !!!

Paint the Sunflower

Make your own flower bouque

Give the Sunflower some patterns
Mouse Skills

Catch the bees

Simple, intuitive games help the child hone hand-eye coordination.

Grab the pollen


Track the exchanges

Fun games to gently challenge the child's recall of what happens on screen.

Cross this Bridge

Spatial thinking

Slide the pieces together

Make your own flower bouque

Slide the pieces together

Pattern recognition

How do you cross the river?
Pattern matching, and shape recognition guide these two stimulating and enjoyable games.

Put the plants together
Ear Training

Make up your own tune.

Refreshingly different activities which tap into the musical soul

Can you follow the daffodil?

Logical thinking

Play tic-tac-toe
Though other games need simple logic, this all-time favorite is hard to resist.

Play tic-tac-toe
Simply Fun

Tickle the guards
These two games don't try to be anything more than what they are - just great fun!

A surprise in every hole
Don't miss the fun keyboard sounds!
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