Storytelling CD-ROM gives kids a values lesson Dee Cee en
tertains, instructs ages 3-8

BUSINESS IN GWINNETT:Storytelling CD-ROM gives kids a values lesson Dee Cee entertains, instructs ages 3-8
BYLINE: Kimberly H. Byrd, Staff
DATE: 10-20-1999
PUBLICATION: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
SECTION: Gwinnett Extra

A Norcross business has created an interactive CD-ROM series that uses old-time fables to teach social and moral values to young children. Spectrum Multimedia, a division of Spectrum Software Inc., recently released "Dee Cee Dreams," storytelling computer software that uses music, animation, comedy and colorful imagery to stress the importance of honesty, friendship, sharing and caring. With the help of Dee Cee, the glowworm narrator, children ages 3 to 8 are entertained with two stories, one about friendship in unlikely places when a mouse frees a trapped lion and another about the consequences of being dishonest.

"Traditionally, storytelling has been the primary way to communicate social and moral values to children," said Sarathi Srinivasan, president of Spectrum Software. "However, as we approach the next millennium, kids are becoming more accustomed to using technology, and so our means of communication must match their new learning styles."
As Dee Cee narrates the stories, surprise animation is available all over the screen for children. For example, trees run to escape being axed, animals rise up from clear blue waters and butterflies emerge from the landscape. And children can produce sounds by simply pushing keys on the keyboard.

At the conclusion of each story, children are invited to sing along with the characters. There is also an interactive learning activity that poses questions that come with right and wrong answers to reinforce values taught in the stories. If children choose the proper answers in the activity, they are applauded and allowed to proceed to the desired destination. If they choose wrong answers, the narrator explains why they shouldn't have chosen that answer and acknowledges that it goes against the positive values mentioned in the stories.

"By acting upon the lessons they have learned, the children become active participants and internalize the stories' messages," Srinivasan said.
The first in a series of eight, the CD is also equipped with a painting program where a child can either electronically paint an outlined figure of Dee Cee or print it and add color using crayons and markers.

Depending upon a child's age level, the program runs about 30 to 60 minutes and it plays directly from the CD-ROM. There's no downloading. It's designed for personal computers (Windows 95 and 98).

"We've tried to pay close attention to detail," said Srinivasan, the father of children 2 and 4 years old. "So we presented values in a way that's more appealing to young kids. No one is reading from a book, and there's no preaching. This is a more positive and suitable way to influence their minds and provide them with quality learning."

For more information or to order "Dee Cee Dreams" at $24.95 visit the Web site at or call a toll-free number, 1-877-4- DEE-CEE.

ILLUSTRATIONS/PHOTOS: The moral of the story . . . : Sarathi Srinivasan, president of Spectrum Software of Norcross, demonstrates the CD-ROM "Dee Cee Dreams" at a conference at the Gwinnett Civic and Cultural Center. / BOBBY ABRAHAMSON / Special
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