DEE CEE's Mission

I guess I am a dreamer. You see, I am out to change the world. Starting with your preschooler. As a parent, you can't always control what your children see and hear. Today's news media and the moral climate they project have me worried. My aim is to counter the negative influences with interactive CD-ROMs that stimulate your child's imagination in a wholesome manner. To
do this, I have enlisted the help of some of the world's most treasured fables, to demonstrate good values in a fun way.

As for me, I am a dreamcatcher -- a creature of the night. As children slumber, I flit through the night, netting dreams and carrying them to kids like your own. Elegant animation, bubbly music, sing-along tunes, lively sounds, and memorable characters bring the stories to life. In addition, fun-filled activities help to reinforce the learning. Do join me. Be a part of my world of hope, of dreams, of values that we know are right. Dream on...

Dee Cee Dreams® Vol. 1 , Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 are only the beginning. Look forward to the next. And keep track of this website as it changes, mirroring Dee Cee's objectives. All of us on Dee Cee's team are working hard to find new and different ways to vivify the message of good values. Of course, you are an integral part of all this. We would love to hear from you about your concerns, your hopes for the future, and your feedback on our work. Whenever you're ready, just hit the mail button above, and let fly.

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